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Every step we take to equip the world with better technology is accounted for
serving the population with faster file-sharing options.


We cover various areas under the file transfer and protection sector to make
transitions between every stage more seamless.

Instant FTP

Instant FTP

The rules set up for the file transfer to clients have been designed to fit your immediate requirements.

Transfer Large Files

Transfer Large Files

Files of all sizes are transferred on time to ensure the effective functioning of the network and instant approval of the tasks.

Private File Exchange

Private File Exchange

Anonymous file sharing is available with our service. End-to-end encryption is used to ensure privacy.


Plenty of projects are now under assessment and initial stages to push the next major ones into action.

The Team

Our robust group of experts has been offering their best to provide the world with an instant file transfer option.

Jeffrey A. Gutierrez

Jeffrey A. Gutierrez

The implementation is carried out by the team handled by Jeffrey by putting every code in the right place.

Lewis S Prince

Lewis S Prince

Programming is managed to perfection to pour out superlative file-sharing results to the clients.

Donald B Tate

Donald B Tate

Speed is ensured with the services we offer, and it is his team that leads the whole process into a success.


Not every site offers everything they claim to have in their package, but this service did open a box of wonders with their offerings.

From Our Blog

How to get started in Minecraft

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an incredibly user-friendly sandbox game that is centered around block building. Everything in the game is comprised of square blocks. The sheep are square, the birds are square, and the trees are even made up of squares.

This abundance of squares may sound goofy at first, but it is what defines Minecraft as a video game. And this allows any computer, laptop, or phone to play Minecraft, because it is not graphic intensive.

How to play Minecraft?

First things first, you need to install it. This is done by visiting and purchasing the game. The installation process is incredibly quick and easy, especially for the fantastic game that you get out of it.

What to do once you download Minecraft

After installing Minecraft, you can just go ahead and start a new game by looking for the Best Minecraft Servers (to get the real Minecraft experience, make sure you are playing on survival mode).

What is interesting about Minecraft, is that every map is random. You will never experience the same map twice, no matter how hard you try. This adds another level of surprise.

Now that you have begun the game and loaded into a random map, take a look around and admire the gorgeous setting that you have been placed in. It may be in the middle of the woods, atop a mountain, or beside a lake. In the beginning of this article, you may have cringed when I told you everything in the game is made out of square blocks, but now you can see how beautiful it all looks.

Items to obtain once you start a game

Now I do not advise you to look around and admire the scenery for far too long, because when night comes the monsters come out.

But let us not worry about the monsters just yet.

Firstly, you are going to need wood to craft an axe and a makeshift home.

Getting wood in Minecraft is the same as getting wood in real life, you just need to find a tree and get to hitting it. You hit the wooden block until it breaks, then you have a wooden block in your inventory.

Out of wooden blocks, comes wooden planks, which are the items that you will be using quite a lot through your adventure. Go to your crafting menu and place your wooden blocks in one of the empty squares and voila, you know have wooden planks.

Now you will need to create a wooden axe. In Minecraft, to create certain items, you need to place them in a certain order in the crafting menu. For an easy way to find out the pattern simply type in “how to make a wooden axe” on your internet browser. A picture will show up, and all you need to do is put the materials in that order.

Nice and simple!

Once you have created an axe, you know go have to hunt down a sheep. This may seem cruel at first, but you need wool to make a bed in Minecraft.

After you have gotten enough wool to make a bed, go back to your internet browser and type in “how to make a bed in Minecraft.”

Building A House

The final thing we will be covering in this article will be how to build a house. Since your entire objective for right now is to survive the first night without dying, I recommend just building a simple six block by six block wooden home; this gives you enough room to place a bed and survive without getting killed my intruding monsters.

Once you have covered yourself with wooden blocks and created a wooden door, you can now place your bed and sleep.

It may be dark in your make-shift home, but that means you have an objective once the sun comes up: to make some torches.

Now get some sleep. Your real adventure begins tomorrow in Minecraft!

How To Choose A Garment Steamer

The garment steamer is an excellent alternative to the traditional iron. While ironing uses heat, garment steamers use steam to get rid of wrinkles from clothes, carpets, upholstery, or fabrics. Garment steamers provide many benefits over a standard iron.

It is much more easier and comfortable to use and is easier on clothes. It also keeps the clothing fresh and wrinkle-free for a longer period of time. Hang up the clothes, turn on the steamer and do the work. There is no requirement for an ironing board, and there is no need to apply pressure on the clothes to get the wrinkles to go away.

Benefits Of Garment Steamers

  • Extremely useful in removing wrinkling and cleaning garments
  • Helps in reducing odors
  • Easier to use compared to traditional irons
  • Freshens up garments in between two dry-cleaning sessions
  • Effective in eradicating allergens, dander, and germs that can be present in garments
  • Steam is best for fabric, and therefore, garment steamers can increase the durability of clothes
  • Helps clean hard parts of clothing like shirt collars with ease

Factors To Consider While Buying A Garment Steamer

Different garment steamers have various unique features. Some have fewer price tags, while some others are priced high. You are making an investment while buying a garment steamer so choose only the best. Consider the following factors while selecting a garment steamer.

Steam Variable Setting

Different fabrics require different amounts of steam. Otherwise, steam can damage garments with costly fabric and materials. If the garment steamer has a steam variable setting, adjust the steam capacity accordingly.

Reach Of Garment Steamer

Steamers are not only used for clothing, but also for draperies in a large home. However, to cover the length of the house, it must be equipped with a big enough power cord.

Water Tank Capacity

The tank size should be adequate for your requirement: the greater the water capacity, the more continuous the steaming. Portable garment steamers can continuously steam for about 10 minutes.

Working Duration

Keep in mind the amount of time that the garment steamer will be used on the fabric or clothes. Some garment steamers hardly last 15 minutes, while some others can last longer. Travelers should take this factor into consideration. Check the garment steamer’s review section to gain more knowledge about this.

Automatic Turn-off Feature

The automatic turn-off feature is necessary because when the garment steamer runs out of water, this technology will immediately shut it down, which can otherwise lead to its damage.

Check Reviews

Before buying a garment steamer, check the reviews provided by customers who have been using it. These reviews will help in deciding the best one. You can find reviews on the best garment steamers on

VPS Uses and Benefits

VPS offers hosting plans for users who want to launch their website online. Both big businesses and individual bloggers can find a good VPS service at reasonable prices today. While the small blogs and general reference websites from businesses can use a shared server for operating, the bigger and well-established websites require their own private server that can provide all their needs. While getting a dedicated server can be a bit expensive for businesses and way too much for an individual blogger, the Virtual Private Server (VPS) can offer a hosting plan at affordable prices. It can provide the right performance that the website needs while also offering the freedom to choose the type of OS and programs for the website while it stays on a reliable server. Here are some benefits to purchasing a VPS plan for your website.

Improves reliability

Shared networks can slow down your website and make it unreliable for users who need quick access to data. Most users today use their smartphones to do quick searches. A website can take longer to load in a shared server. It can result in increased bounce rates and loss of customers due to performance issues on your website. Shared servers also hold the risk of hacking all the websites if the server hosting them gets hacked. VPS can provide a better user experience and also secure your website for a reliable experience.

Improves performance

Not only does it eliminate the load time problem faced by websites in shared servers, but it also improves their performance to become more accessible and quicker. In a VPS plan, you will get better bandwidth, bigger storage, and access to better features. All these added perks allow websites to offer a faster and high-quality browsing experience. VPS can also handle the increasing traffic with ease where the shared networks stop responding.

Personalized resources

Since you can manage your own VPS, you can access all its features to create your website’s most suitable setting. Shared servers allow only a little control over the resources, which prohibits them from personalizing their experience. Services like VPS Server UK add major benefits and options for its users to manage their content as they need it. When you know what resources you need to manage your content, you can improvise and make your website much faster while playing less.


Offers a choice of OS and software

Shared hosting can be difficult to manage as multiple users might use it for different operating systems and tools. The VPS plans help individual websites to manage their OS and applications separately. You can make changes in the OS options and common development applications based on your needs without affecting the content of your website. Some of the unmanaged plans offer complete freedom to users to manage their websites as they like. Complete administration is one of the essential benefits that every website needs today to stay unique.


How To Find a Lost Android Phone

One thing you cannot deal with today is losing your phone when you need it the most. Smartphones are pretty smart in doing a number of tasks, except for finding a way back home in case they are lost. There are not proper solutions to completely track and find your phone. It makes losing your phone a stressful experience.

When you purchase a new phone, the first two things that you need to do to have better security is to check your Find My Device settings under Google settings. Here you will that the phone tracking is switched ON by default. You can also turn on the Play Sound, Secure Device, and Erase Device features, that you can later access if you lose your phone in a case. Given that you made these changes in your device before you lost your phone, you can easily track your Android device and control it.

How to use Google Find My Device feature

When you sign up to your Google account from your new Android phone, the Find My Device settings are already ON. You can log in to the webpage of Find My Device and log in to the same Google Account to gain access to your phone.

If you are using a Samsung device, you can take an extra step alongside Find My Device Feature. Samsung offers its own Find My Mobile service. This tool offers more features than Google. You can perform tasks like forcing remote backups and track if someone has changed the SIM card on your device. If you have not signed in to your Samsung security settings, you can simply go to Settings > Biometrics and security > Find My Mobile. Here you can find all the features that you need to track an android phone. Samsung device owners have an additional benefit over other brand cellphone users.

Another method to track your Android device is to file a complaint at the police station and take the permit from the department to allow carrier services to track your phone. To do this, you need to first know the IMEI number of your phone. Each IMEI number is unique and can give out a lot of information about your device. Be careful while sharing your IMEI number with the private phone tracking agencies as you are giving them permission to access your personal information.

The network carrier services use high power network towers to locate your cellphone. However, it is not the first option on your list. Getting approval from the police department to search for your device can take time. The carrier services cannot start working unless they get the affirmation from the police department. Many states do not allow anyone to use such methods for tracking devices. In such cases, your only options remain to use Google’s Find My Device, Samsung’s Find My Mobile, and private phone tracking services.

7 Things to Consider While Buying a Laptop

When it is time to purchase a new laptop for yourself, get ready to get traumatized by the list of options available for you online. It is crucial to pick your laptop based on what you will be using it for. Otherwise, you will make a bad investment. In this laptop guide, we will explain how to pick the right laptop for yourself.

Size and weight

If you are planning to use your laptop while traveling, you need to pick a laptop size that is less than 15 inches. You can get heavy laptops of up to 17.3 inches in size. They are like carrying an additional suitcase with you. But bigger laptops are better for home purposes as they can provide a wider screen and better performance.

Screen quality

You need to check the screen quality if you are planning to use it for editing purposes. You can get touchscreen laptops today that can make your browsing more comfortable. However, touchscreens can add more glossiness to the display.

Keyboard quality

If you are a writer and will be doing a lot of typing, you need a keyboard that feels good and provides better functioning. You do not want to look at your keyboard to find keys all the time. If you have a good typing habit, make sure that you go to a store and try our a few keyboards before picking one.


Finding the right CPU on a laptop can be more difficult than building a PC. While most people choose the latest processor, you need to make sure that you are getting the best for your budget without spending extra. The best processors in the market today are offered by Intel and AMD. You can use a Laptop Finder by Specs to get the right configuration for your budget.


When you are planning to work on big projects like illustration, photography, and video editing, you will need enough space in your drive to store your projects. A solid-state drive provides more speed than a hard drive without adding much weight to the laptop. Choose an SSD today if you will be carrying your laptop around a lot.

Battery life

You have to get the best battery possible for your laptop. Since laptops are meant to be carried around, you cannot expect to find a power plug everywhere. A lot of applications run in the background, which increases battery consumption, so make sure that you can carry as much power as you can.

Build Quality

Today’s laptops are improving their quality day by day. You can find a good material laptop at low costs. The more durable your laptop is, the better. Since you will be carrying it around, you can drop it or let it acquire dust over time. Find an easy to clean and maintain laptop that you can carry around without a problem.

The Benefits of Using Wholesale VoIP

Business organizations and various other public sector organizations are actively looking into wholesale VoIP with a view to change the way they function. Thanks to the effortless form of communication that these organizations require, VoIP stands to be the ideal choice and the best option among the rest. But that alone cannot be described as the benefits of using wholesale VoIP because the technology is well-advanced to provide a lot more than what one could imagine. So to get things straight, here are the many benefits of using wholesale VoIP.

A User-friendly Approach to Business

Wholesale VoIP is a user-friendly platform that promotes people to make the most out of the same. The different options and features that it brings forward go a long way in making matters meet and helping business organizations capitalize on its benefits. Moreover, since the client is not responsible for managing the system, they can make use of the time to complete other projects and tasks. Due to that, the technology helps you save time and goes ahead to meet the specific needs of your own.

Call Quality

Business organizations are always on the lookout for ways to enhance communication and ensure that quality is all around the place. That is also one among the main reasons why voip reseller wholesale makes sense. You are offered the element of quality that manages to take things in a whole new direction. As a result, you will be glad about teaming up with a provider who ensures quality and makes sure that your objectives are being completed one after the other.

Ahead of Fraud

Fraudulent activities and illegitimate forms of billing are two types of aspects that you will never come across with VoIP services. These services are organized and don’t face problems along the line of operations. The services take complete control of the process through IP authentication, customizable restrictions, the option of blocking high-cost calls, and so on. Thanks to all that, fraudulent activities may never appear to be a part of the picture.

The Possibility of Network Expansion

Business expansion is a necessary process that every organization hopes to achieve one day or the other. But to be ready for the same, one needs to have the right resources that facilitate change and provides an ample number of opportunities. With VoIP wholesale, such aspects stand to be common, and you can be happy about the outcome. Since these services promote communication, you can see a possible increase in productivity that gradually makes things head in the right direction.


From a user-friendly approach to the power of expansion, wholesale VoIP services are here to offer a lot more than you expected. So go ahead and receive these services that are bound to change your world.


The Types of Forex Trading News to Look Out For

Rookie traders must utilize an economic calendar forex in order to be informed of the numerous economic indicators, news events, and releases that shape the markets while trading forex. Learning which data to look for, deciphering what it means, and knowing how to trade it can offer traders an advantage and set them up for the long run.


The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a key indicator of a country’s economic health. Each year, the central bank of the country issues predicted growth outlooks, which determine how fast the country should expand as measured by GDP.

Currency values tend to fall when GDP falls short of market expectations and to rise when GDP exceeds expectations. As a result, currency traders actively monitor the release of this number, which can be used to cautiously anticipate Central Bank decisions.


The world’s numerous Central Banks meet every month to determine the interest rates for which they are accountable. They must decide whether to maintain current rates, raise rates, or cut rates. The outcome of this choice is critical for the economy’s currency and, as a result, for traders.

An increase in rates is generally considered bullish for the currency (meaning it will rise in value), while a decrease in rates is generally considered bearish for the currency (meaning it will fall in value), while a decision to remain unchanged depends on the economic outlook at the time.

The following policy statement, in which the Central Bank presents a summary of the economy and their prediction for the future, is just as important as the actual decision. This is also where monetary policy is announced, which includes important topics like the deployment of quantitative easing, a concept in economics.


Among the different economic indicators, the Consumer Price Index is the most generally used inflation gauge. The index reveals the historical average prices paid by consumers for a basket of market items, as well as whether the same goods are costing consumers more or less.

Central banks keep an eye on this data to assist them to establish interest rates and policies. Interest rate hikes are used to combat inflation when it is visible and rising beyond a specified objective.


Despite the importance of Central Bank meetings in many economies, the Federal Open Market Committee meeting in the United States takes center stage because the US Dollar is currently the world’s reserve currency.

The committee meets once a month to determine rates and make statements on current economic conditions and the effectiveness of an existing monetary policy, as well as to solicit forecasts for future economic conditions and monetary policy.


The rate of unemployment within the nation is essential to markets as well as to Central Banks as a pointer to the economy’s health. As Central Banks strive to balance inflation and growth, higher employment leads to higher interest rates, and as a result, this metric attracts a lot of market attention.


Trading technical chart patterns can be difficult, which is where having a thorough understanding of recent news events and economic data releases comes in handy. The above-mentioned compilation of the most relevant news releases and economic indicators to be aware of should assist you in your Forex trading.

Why Japanese Animation is Hugely Popular

Over the years, the Japanese economy has earned high revenue over Animation. There has been constant growth in the industry of Animation. There are various reasons which have facilitated the making of high income through this industry. This article highlights some of the reasons Animation from Japan are very popular.

* It has been in existence for a long time. Over the years, some animations such as Animation and manga have been the wheel of the Japanese culture. It has been spread and passed through different generations and thus making it more famous over time. Many children watched animation movies or TV shows in the United Kingdom and other western region countries growing up, including but not limed to the cool anime characters found in Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. At the time of watching, most of them did not realize that the Animation is sourced or originated from Japan. Many followed the show because it created a soft spot in the hearts of the kids for anime.

* It has content that does not fade away with time. The animations from Japan are unique and high quality. Its content is all involving, and thus, it does not fade over time or with one generation. Besides, it is targeted to one culture and can apply to many others across the world.

* With the growth of the internet and streaming services such as Netflix, animation movies have become more popular. Technological and connectivity have meant that animation movies/series/shows are easily accessed and accommodate adults to relive their earlier experiences as children through age-appropriate content in the films. Besides, Internet has facilitated sharing of contents, and thus, the Japanese have continued to recommend to their friend in different parts of the world.

* In the recent years, animation has become more popular overseas as the market in Japan is shrinking with reduced population and thus leading to increased export-minded trade. The actors in the industry have analyzed the market trend, and with the aim of market expansion, export was an ideal choice. This has meant that animation movies and series producers have started to make content more suited to Western tastes. Besides, the producers in Japan have adopted cost-efficient measures in production by producing them overseas as it is much cheaper. Famous animation producers make and push for their work to be sold internationally.

* Animation movie producers regularly market the produced work. In the current era internet is the best option to make any work known. Therefore, most animation producers in Japan have adopted the technique, thus making their work known to people. Besides, it is readily available to watch at any time.

* Animation in Japan has been able to grow and develop resilience over time. This has boosted their populism with its unique ability to grow with the viewers. The unconventional nature has played a critical role in the populism of Animation—many views of animation claim that Animation from Japan has a joyous intensity of storyline with an unpredictable ending. Japanese animation movies have broken the belief that they are only met for children since most of them target both varieties of audiences. Variety ensures that it caters to different tastes and preferences as well as varying age groups.

Top reasons you want SEO in New Zealand


SEO or search engine optimization is a process of promoting the exposure of a particular website by means of enhanced visibility in the search engines. Its primary purpose will be to make an increment in website traffic. You can get the job done in a couple of ways. Either you can perform it on your own or you might hire a competent SEO company in NZ like to get the job done on your behalf. However, the first method will not provide you with the desired outcomes, while the second one will be a better way of doing it. Below, we have mentioned the most notable benefits of hiring an SEO company in NZ.


Digital businesses are growing in New Zealand and SEO is of prime importance for your business website. At present, every single company faces stiff competition on the market, and SEO will be required to help companies reach prospective customers as well as leads. A reliable SEO company will assist you in applying the techniques which will be essential for improving your visibility in the search engine results and enhancing your possibilities of reaching prospective clients. It will likewise aid you in significantly reducing the amount of money required for marketing strategies.


Being the owner of a business involves plenty of responsibilities of operating the entire company. Consequently, you might have less time for focusing on the essential aspects of the business. In case you are able to get an SEO package which will suit the requirements of your business, it would be possible for you to depend on the experts to perform all the work for you. This will help you to get more time for concentrating on other essential aspects of the company for guaranteeing success as well as continued development.


Being a dynamic industry, SEO is changing continuously and it is essential for companies to stick to all these modifications. In case you have an in-house SEO team in your company, it will be imperative for you to shell out money for training and also mentoring them plus buying essential SEO tools. For this, you might be required to shell out a considerable amount of money which might affect your budget in the long run.

On the other hand, a trustworthy SEO company can boast of having all the required tools and they will train their specialists regularly since it is a part of their business. In this way, an SEO company will help to save your cash and it will also be guaranteed the fact that your project is going to be handled by experienced and knowledgeable professionals.


While hiring an SEO company in NZ you should perform lots of research regarding various agencies out there. In case any company assures you of delivering quick results, it does not imply that this is going to happen. Make sure to go through online reviews from the previous clients so as to get a solid idea regarding their competence. This will make sure that you are taking a sensible decision in the long run.

Three Important Reasons for Studying Statistics

Statistics is a subject that deals with data and analytics. The accumulation and segregation of data, followed by its careful analysis, is of primary importance in the field of statistics. It is one of the essential topics in universities and other educational institutions. In addition to everyday knowledge and usefulness, studying statistics has its own perks and benefits.

Usually, the universities and other educational institutions burden students with statistics assignments. Despite the importance of these assignments in academic institutions, students often take then help of Statistics assignment help online, to save their time and energy.

Why exactly one needs to study statistics?

We’ll discuss the three primary reasons you ought to do so.

The First Reason

One of the main reasons to study statistics is to be able to conduct research effectively and efficiently. Like noted earlier, it is a subject that helps in taking decisions through research and analysis. Without the necessary information and research, it would be impossible to collect data from researched topics. In short, understanding statistics and implementing it in real-life scenarios helps to make educated decisions.

The Second Reason

Another primary reason is the importance of statistics for a researcher. Without thorough research, the conditions and reasons can be bleak, which might lead to uninterruptable data. This can result in a loss of time, money as well as necessary information. For instance, many working environments conduct research daily to find valuable solutions to their underlying and surface-level problems. This also further develops the intensity of professionalism in a person that can lead them to different levels.

The third reason

It is one of the essential skills to develop critical and analytical thinking ability. Students that graduate from high school and introduce themselves to the world of undergraduate programs comprise of many assignments and other academic work at their disposal. This requires many critical thinking abilities and also a few analytical skills to overcome the stress, fear and also to organize their work efficiently. Like noted earlier, statistics will help enhance the ability to form informed decisions and also develop the skills of critical thinking and gaining perspective based on situations.

Bottom Line

The three reasons mentioned above are some of the very important aspects to study the subject of statistics and to employ them in real-life scenarios. They also assist in being an informed consumer and understand the market trends. Since the subject itself carries much weightage, many of the academic institutions, often pressurize their students to complete their statistics assignments in time. But, thanks to the online assignment services that help in completing the work efficiently and in time.


Some Impressive Benefits Of Sharing Technology

As you are aware, modern technology makes life so much simpler and elegant. Technology has been a huge part of the lives of human beings for a very long time. The advancements in technology or something that allows as humans, to explore space, to cure diseases that inflict humanity, to save people, to explore new horizons of the planet, to do so many things that we cannot do without the help of technology and machines. Implementing the right kinds of solutions in the right places is something that improves efficiency, collaboration, simplifications, and it also helps us reduce cost. What is even better is that these improvements always come naturally. In this guide, I will be talking about some impressive benefits of sharing technology.

We go through our lives every single day, and we suddenly find things that we want to share with our loved ones, who are not around us all the time. They probably have different houses in other parts of cities, or they probably live in other countries. Sharing is how we keep in touch and how we build our relationships. Since sharing is such an integral part of life, you should know some of the best benefits of sharing technology.


Whether you are grabbing coffee with a client or attending a business meeting in another city, sharing helps you send whatever you need to, to anybody, with the help of the internet and the devices that you have. The ability to send and receive files immediately and effortlessly is something that we should be very proud of. We should also be happy that we have this kind of technology. Gone are the days of carrier pigeons where you had to wait weeks for a single letter. Whatever you need to share, you can share in the matter of seconds.

Do not worry if you destroy your personal device by mistake. All of your files, photos and videos can be stored effortlessly in a cloud. Cloud-based services are one of the best things that have come along since the advent of consumer technology. You can store every single thing that you have on your devices, in the cloud, so that they are always safe in there. Cloud-based storage is very safe and secure. They are also accessible through all of your devices.

It completely simplifies everything related to your work, and it takes the stress off.

The very thing about file sharing is that it does not have to be limited to you or just your team. Because of shareable links, you can share it to anybody you want to. The link is created by the device or even the cloud-based service.

Share Files And Videos

Some Sites That Help You Share Files And Videos

Are you someone who has a video right now wish you want to share with your friends and family? Well, you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will be talking all about video sharing platforms that will help you. You can share files as well.

I am sure you are wondering how you can choose the best video sharing site for your needs. If you are interested in sharing private family videos with other people, there are a few things that you should ask yourself before you settle on a service. For example, you should ask yourself, if you want the video to be available online forever. You should also ask yourself how big the video is and where the video is currently saved. You should then check the format of the video which is in use and also how easy it is for the receiving party to view the video. The format of the video is one of the most important things that you should consider.

Files And Videos

So, let us go and have a look at some of the best video sharing and file-sharing platforms out there.

  1. If you are an Apple user and if you want to share a file with another Apple user, i.e. if the person has an Apple device, you can use AirDrop. AirDrop is an amazing and secure way to send files and videos to a person who also has an Apple product instantly. AirDrop, you make use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect with the person’s device. It is instantaneous and gets the job done immediately. It is also very trustable and secure.
  2. YouTube is an amazing platform which is used by millions of people. The videos on YouTube get billions of views. YouTube is a vast platform which is used to share videos, primarily. You can start uploading videos onto YouTube, and it can be watched by anyone on the planet who has a device. If you want the video to be a private video, you can choose who can watch it. You can invite people to view the video if it is a private video. 50 people will be allowed to view it. The video will not actually show up in public YouTube search results. A friend or family member who clicks on the link can view it, only if they’re invited to view it. Therefore You can understand that it is very secure.

video sharing

The next one that I will be talking about is Facebook. Facebook is actually a social platform, but it gets the job done. You can upload videos, and you can choose who can watch it. Privacy is in your hands.

Share Files And Videos

Some More Sites That Help You Share Files And Videos

I have already written an article about file and video sharing platforms, but, I was not able to cover every single platform I wanted to share. Therefore I am writing another article about file and video sharing platforms. Since technology advances every single day, we should not actually be surprised that there are so many options for us. We have a lot of options when it comes to social media and video sharing platforms as well. Social media happens to be one of the most significant influencer when we want to share something out into the world. Social media plays a huge role when we want to reach out to individuals who are all the way across the world. We can post photos and videos about our lives or whatever we want to, on social media, and people will see it. Content consumption has actually exploded over the last two decades, because of the advent of social media platforms. The Internet helps a great deal with this. The platforms that I will be talking about in this guide, definitely require the use of an internet connection.

Google cloud storage

  1. You can actually make use of any cloud storage provider like Google, Microsoft, Apple and more. You can think about Apple cloud storage or Google cloud storage. Google Drive, iCloud and dropbox come to mind. These are cloud storage options that are incredibly reliable and secure. Almost every single cloud provider I know allows you to share your files, videos and photos with email or even a shareable link. How it works is, basically, when you upload something on to the cloud, they allow you to create a link which you can share to people. When people click on the link, they get access to this particular content.


The next one I’m going to be talking about is called WeTransfer. This service requires an account to send videos. They will also store your video for an infinite amount of time. If you do not want to make an account or if you are concerned about your video staying online for too long, you can actually check out one of many free services that let you send large files on the Internet. This one is actually the best. The free version lets you send files up to 2 gigabytes in size. The video format is not actually important. You can have it to whichever you want. There are a few restrictions if it is free. The videos are available for seven days, and you need to know the email address of the people you want to send it to. You are also allowed to send it to only three email addresses.

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