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Cabin Bed Accessories Parents Should Get

Cabin Bed Accessories Parents Should Get

Believe it or not, a kids cabin beds is an expensive purchase that needs to be considered well in advance. After all, your kids will need to sleep on it for at least two decades. But when you think about the cost of a good bed, add toys, and other add-ons, the amount can really add up. This brings us to the question of what do you actually need? When it comes down to first purchases, here are a couple of items that will go a long way in making your kid’s bedroom dreams come true.

Here are cabin bed accessories parents should get:

1. Sheets and Pillowcases

A new bed is a big purchase, but new sheets and pillowcases can be just as expensive. You might want to consider making your own, however – it’s easier than you think! To make your new bedding unique and personalized, try using the fabric of an old favorite shirt or dress. Match or contrast the design and color with your room decor, and voila! If you don’t have any family fabrics lying around, check the local fabric store for inexpensive options.

2. Storage Containers

While it might seem like a little thing, consider purchasing storage containers for toys. Storage bins should be durable enough not to collapse under the weight of the toys inside. Look for large, spacious bins that are well constructed – you don’t want them to break open and spill all over your room or hallways!

3. New Carpet

If the carpet in your teen’s bedroom has seen better days, consider replacing it. Rug stains can be tricky to remove, so go for a new rug instead of trying to restore the old one. If you are really ambitious, consider buying an area rug with removable tiles so it can be washed and redone at any time.

4. Laptop Desk

A lot of teens have laptops these days, and if yours is one of them, you should invest in a portable laptop desk that they can use in their room. With a personal computer in the bedroom, your teen can avoid distractions and enjoy a private space just for entertainment purposes. This also makes it easier for them to do research on the internet.

5. A Good Mattress

Another big-ticket item, a good quality mattress is worth purchasing for your teen’s room. Spring mattresses are durable and easy to clean, making them an excellent choice for teens of both genders. While memory foam might be good for pillows, it tends to lose its shape after extended use. Check out this page on how you can choose a good mattress for your kids.

No matter what you end up buying for your teen, remember that a bedroom is a personal space just for them. The key to making the room cozy and relaxing lies in choosing colors and other design elements that help your teen feel safe and secure at home – not just another nameless cog in the wheel of the world. So don’t forget to pick out a few items that help your teen feel at home, after all, you want them to come home every night!

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