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How To Choose A Garment Steamer

How To Choose A Garment Steamer

The garment steamer is an excellent alternative to the traditional iron. While ironing uses heat, garment steamers use steam to get rid of wrinkles from clothes, carpets, upholstery, or fabrics. Garment steamers provide many benefits over a standard iron.

It is much more easier and comfortable to use and is easier on clothes. It also keeps the clothing fresh and wrinkle-free for a longer period of time. Hang up the clothes, turn on the steamer and do the work. There is no requirement for an ironing board, and there is no need to apply pressure on the clothes to get the wrinkles to go away.

Benefits Of Garment Steamers

  • Extremely useful in removing wrinkling and cleaning garments
  • Helps in reducing odors
  • Easier to use compared to traditional irons
  • Freshens up garments in between two dry-cleaning sessions
  • Effective in eradicating allergens, dander, and germs that can be present in garments
  • Steam is best for fabric, and therefore, garment steamers can increase the durability of clothes
  • Helps clean hard parts of clothing like shirt collars with ease

Factors To Consider While Buying A Garment Steamer

Different garment steamers have various unique features. Some have fewer price tags, while some others are priced high. You are making an investment while buying a garment steamer so choose only the best. Consider the following factors while selecting a garment steamer.

Steam Variable Setting

Different fabrics require different amounts of steam. Otherwise, steam can damage garments with costly fabric and materials. If the garment steamer has a steam variable setting, adjust the steam capacity accordingly.

Reach Of Garment Steamer

Steamers are not only used for clothing, but also for draperies in a large home. However, to cover the length of the house, it must be equipped with a big enough power cord.

Water Tank Capacity

The tank size should be adequate for your requirement: the greater the water capacity, the more continuous the steaming. Portable garment steamers can continuously steam for about 10 minutes.

Working Duration

Keep in mind the amount of time that the garment steamer will be used on the fabric or clothes. Some garment steamers hardly last 15 minutes, while some others can last longer. Travelers should take this factor into consideration. Check the garment steamer’s review section to gain more knowledge about this.

Automatic Turn-off Feature

The automatic turn-off feature is necessary because when the garment steamer runs out of water, this technology will immediately shut it down, which can otherwise lead to its damage.

Check Reviews

Before buying a garment steamer, check the reviews provided by customers who have been using it. These reviews will help in deciding the best one. You can find reviews on the best garment steamers on

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