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How To Get Started In Minecraft

How to get started in Minecraft

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an incredibly user-friendly sandbox game that is centered around block building. Everything in the game is comprised of square blocks. The sheep are square, the birds are square, and the trees are even made up of squares.

This abundance of squares may sound goofy at first, but it is what defines Minecraft as a video game. And this allows any computer, laptop, or phone to play Minecraft, because it is not graphic intensive.

How to play Minecraft?

First things first, you need to install it. This is done by visiting and purchasing the game. The installation process is incredibly quick and easy, especially for the fantastic game that you get out of it.

What to do once you download Minecraft

After installing Minecraft, you can just go ahead and start a new game by looking for the Best Minecraft Servers (to get the real Minecraft experience, make sure you are playing on survival mode).

What is interesting about Minecraft, is that every map is random. You will never experience the same map twice, no matter how hard you try. This adds another level of surprise.

Now that you have begun the game and loaded into a random map, take a look around and admire the gorgeous setting that you have been placed in. It may be in the middle of the woods, atop a mountain, or beside a lake. In the beginning of this article, you may have cringed when I told you everything in the game is made out of square blocks, but now you can see how beautiful it all looks.

Items to obtain once you start a game

Now I do not advise you to look around and admire the scenery for far too long, because when night comes the monsters come out.

But let us not worry about the monsters just yet.

Firstly, you are going to need wood to craft an axe and a makeshift home.

Getting wood in Minecraft is the same as getting wood in real life, you just need to find a tree and get to hitting it. You hit the wooden block until it breaks, then you have a wooden block in your inventory.

Out of wooden blocks, comes wooden planks, which are the items that you will be using quite a lot through your adventure. Go to your crafting menu and place your wooden blocks in one of the empty squares and voila, you know have wooden planks.

Now you will need to create a wooden axe. In Minecraft, to create certain items, you need to place them in a certain order in the crafting menu. For an easy way to find out the pattern simply type in “how to make a wooden axe” on your internet browser. A picture will show up, and all you need to do is put the materials in that order.

Nice and simple!

Once you have created an axe, you know go have to hunt down a sheep. This may seem cruel at first, but you need wool to make a bed in Minecraft.

After you have gotten enough wool to make a bed, go back to your internet browser and type in “how to make a bed in Minecraft.”

Building A House

The final thing we will be covering in this article will be how to build a house. Since your entire objective for right now is to survive the first night without dying, I recommend just building a simple six block by six block wooden home; this gives you enough room to place a bed and survive without getting killed my intruding monsters.

Once you have covered yourself with wooden blocks and created a wooden door, you can now place your bed and sleep.

It may be dark in your make-shift home, but that means you have an objective once the sun comes up: to make some torches.

Now get some sleep. Your real adventure begins tomorrow in Minecraft!

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