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Must Have Tools To Improve Communication With Customers

Must Have Tools To Improve Communication With Customers

Since most of the larger businesses have many customers, it is usually more cost effective to outsource customer support to a call center which specializes in providing these services. While there are many call centers offering customer support services for business, before choosing a particular call center it is advisable to check whether they have the right tools especially call centre software and their staff is well trained. Some of the Must Have Tools For Improved Communication With Customers at a call center are described in detail, so that right call center can be selected.

Call center voice communication

Research indicates that more than 70% of the local customers of a business prefer to contact on phone. One of the main considerations while offering customer support on phone, is the speed of response especially during peak hours. Most call centers are using a desktop softphone so that the staff can communicate with customers. Since a large number of customers are interested in similar information, the call center will often have a interactive voice response (IVR) system to automate the process of answering customer queries. This ensures that a fewer number of agents or staff are required to deal with the customers.

Typically the call is routed to the agent who is free or less busy. So the call center should have an automatic call distribution (ACD) software, which has details of the various agents at center, whether they are busy, so that calls can be routed to the agent. If no agent is free, the call queue software, will play a message to the person making the phone call. Often the marketing and sales staff would like to find out feedback from the customers, and the management would also like to review whether the staff is dealing with customers the right way. Hence call recording software is used to record each interaction with the customer. Customer relationship management(CRM) software is also used for marketing. Some of the popular software at call centers are Talkdesk, Aircall and Five9.


Many customers will postpone their purchase decision if they do not have the required information or require a reply immediately. In these cases, it is advisable to install a livechat software for immediately replying to the customer. The agent replying to live chat can often attend to a number of customers at a time, in some cases, he can deal with more that 10 customers simultaneously. Liveperson, Userlike and SnapEngage are widely used live chat software.

Help desk

Some businesses have international customers, and many of these customers prefer to use the help desk instead of phone calls due to reasons like accents, time zones. The help-desk software usually includes replies to the frequently asked questions of the customers, with a provision for the customer to open a new support ticket if there is no answer readily available. The customer gets an email when his query is answered, and he can also check the status of his query through his online account. Typically the customer will receive a reply within twelve hours on business working days. Zendesk, Help scout and Desk are some of the popular help-desk software. If you want to know more about how customer service works, check here.

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